Falling in Love with Network Marketing….Again!

We’ve always talked about what you can do to make your MLM experience more successful. Today we’ll be discussing what Network Marketing can do for you. Think back to the person you were before you got into MLM and compare that to the person you are now. There’s a very good chance that most of you feel more confident and in control of your professional lives than before. This is because, as a MLM professional, you choose to define the level of success you wish to achieve. You’re not driven by company goals set by management who are probably not directly thinking about your benefit. Rather, you’re setting goals that are important to you and your team.

There are a number of skills required to be a successful MLM professional, none of which are rocket science; in fact most of us already possess all of these skills in one form or another. As an MLM professional, you are holding the position of CEO, Marketing Lead, HR Head amongst other positions all at one time. Any goals and objectives you wish to achieve all require a certain mix of skills to acquire. You can use MLM to avail the opportunity to hone these skills into assets that can be used in wide array of MLM activities to achieve your goals.

Through the process of self improvement you can identify all the skills that you feel are important to your field of MLM and decide which ones you would like to improve on and to what level. You may want to bifurcate technical skills such as blogging, presentation and business writing from soft skills such as leadership, management, and organization skills. With all the learning material available on the internet, management books, and other forms of knowledge sharing, improving both soft and technical skills is relatively easy task to accomplish. That said, it’s probably a good idea to start with your soft skills since these will develop the core of your personal talent portfolio.

Once you make a list of the soft skills you feel are most important in your MLM career, rate each of them on a scale of one to five. Be as honest as possible; remember no one except you has any access to this list and it will benefit you only to the extent of your truthfulness. Then, next to each skill write down as many ways as possible that you could improve yourself in these skills. This will enable you to make the conscious decision to start the ‘improvement process’. The actions can be hardcore such as ‘Attend a workshop’ or more business oriented such as ‘Send out tips to the team every week’. Guiding your team in improving their MLM skills is a very good way to work on your own.

The list below gives you a starting point of some MLM related skills that we professionals sometimes forget about. Use it as your base to develop your own specific set:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Persuasion
  • Social Perceptiveness
  • Coordination

Embrace your passion for MLM – this will allow you to embrace your hidden potential. You are in a position to grow yourself as a professional at your own pace. Don’t be lazy, go forward with all the energy and passion you have!