The Wisdom of Will Smith

Will Smith is one of my favorite actors of all time.
He has inspired me for years and I hope he inspires you as well.

Enjoy the video, leave a comment and Share It by using the link below.

Let’s Make it Happen,

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I am also a huge Will Smith fan. I love his work and as a person I believe he has integrity-not easy to find both in Hollywood! Loved it-very inspiring with nuts and bolts! See you at Vegas! Heidi

……are you willing to die on the treadmill? It’s really that simple.

Great compilation to help us think about our own position in life and/or business.

Thanks Carlos…see you in Vegas.

Hey Carlos,

As usual you’re right on the on point. Thanks for posting this….cuz I’m a huger Will Smith Fan than Heidi Cox and I’m willing to die on the treadmill to prove it. ;D

I made this a favorite so I can watch it everyday and remember what’s really true.

Thanks Carlos for sharing the video. I saved a copy to share with friends. Interesting progression details Will provided! You and Will are great mentors, keep up the good work.


State of Virginia…

Carlos, I agree Will Smith did provide words of wisdom. His work ethics can be applied in any industry to reap success. Its obvious that he has practiced what he preached and fine tuned his skills.

That was awesome!! I am a huge Will Smith fan! Thank you for sharing this with us! I will use this video to inspire other as well! Thank Carlos! U are on point with this one!

James & Rachel Romero

Carlos, very exciting video and truly inspirational…we’ve already forwarded it to the Dynasty Team…Thanks for all you do in bringing us great nuggets of Truth!

If you’re not making someone else’s life better, than you’re wasting your time! Your life becomes better by helping others lives become better! AMEN!
I also like his point of visualizing your goal. It is already done. No question!
That is how I feel, and it is why I will be at convention. Most are telling me I am crazy, “you can’t afford that”, I say I cannot afford NOT to be there.
Looking forward to our conversation!

Will Smith is the MAN! Just lay your bricks… Great stuff!

Garrett Miller, Young Entrepreneur

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Nice! Inspirational!..and true! I have been that committed in the past and forgot how to get back there. I think this video and you, Carlos, can help me get back to that level of committment! A commitment to make everything in my life better!

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