How to Buy Cryptocurrencies for the First Time

So you are starting to hear the buzz around town for Cryptocurrency…You don’t want to get left behind and now you want in…

You are ready to join the revolution …But where do you begin?

What are the first steps you have to take?

In this blog post, not only will I answer these two important questions, I will also share with you my recommended resource.

FYI: I personally use all of the recommended resources below.

Here are the Steps to take to start purchasing bitcoins and other Cryptocurrency.


  1. Open up and fund your very own cryptocurrency wallet.
  2. Fund your wallet through your bank, paypal, or credit card.
  3. Purchase your bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies

You are ready to roll, after you complete the 3 steps above.

Use your wallet to buy, sell, and make payments to people and businesses that accept cryptocurrency.

Don’t forget to download your wallets smart phone app and  request a bitcoin debit card if available.

Wallet Options

  1. Coinbase (click sign up on top right hand corner. Get 10 Free Bitcoins)
  2. Cryptopay (debit card available)
  3. Cex (buy with credit card accepted)
  4. Xcoins (paypal accepted)
  5. ( bitcoin only, debit card available)

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

  1. Coinmoma
  2. Cex
  3. Bitrex

Let me be the first one to welcome you to the “New World of Cryptocurrency”

The Cryptocurrency King!

Carlos Aponte Jr



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