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Hi, I am interested in what you can do to help me achieve my goals on the internet, but, as you know yourself, there’s too many people out there who’ve never built downlines before, plus, there’s too many “So-Called” Online Marketers, teaching other people how to market, but it’s REALLY hard to actually know that they’re ACTUALLY suceeding. There’s no way of knowing, unless I checkout Companies House (place to find information of the Business, e.g. What company is it. Who are the directors, What is the cash at bank, what is it’s liabilities, what is it’s assets, etc, etc. There’s a website based in the UK, which you can find such info. Its called Company Check. Anyway, would like some solid proof about what you’re achieving, such as revenue, gross profit, net profit, in the last 5 years, 10 years, what cmpanies have you been with, do you have a balance sheet that I can have a look at, do you have a P’N’L Statement you can show. I’d like to partner up with somebody like you, as I like what I see in your videos, But, I always look for the persons REAL proven track records of success, before I go ahead with anything. Published Online Content isn’t sufficient. Hope you understand. Thanks very much for your time. Have a nice day.

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